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2020 - Volume 39 [Issue 29]

Study of Different Variants of Cv. Langra (Mangifera indica L.) Based on Morphological and Yield Characters

Ankita Anu, Ravindra Kumar, Bishun Deo Prasad, G. S. Yadav

Page: 1-8
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Carbon Footprint of Electrostatic Sprayer in Comparison with Air Compression Sprayer and Mistblower

V. Aneesha, D. Dhalin, Seena R. Subhagan, O. P. Reji Rani, Dipak S. Khatawkar

Page: 20-29
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Weed Management Strategies for Enhanced Productivity in Groundnut

T. Parthipan

Page: 15-19
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Diversity Analysis in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Genotypes under Temperate Conditions

Mohd Aslam Dar, Noor-Ul-Saleem Khuroo, Reyaz-Ul-Rouf Mir, Zahoor Ahmad Dar, Parvaze Ahmad Sofi, Sher A. Dar, Bilal Ahmad Lone, Farooq A. Sheikh, Umer Rashid Bhat

Page: 9-14
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Bio-effectiveness of Sabuj Gold as Organic Manure on Cabbage, Cauliflower and French Bean

Eggadi Ramesh, Subhamoy Sikder, Shibnath Basfore

Page: 30-36
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Development of Electrically Aerated Stove for Pyrolyzed Briquettes

O. K. Fadele, M. B. Usman, O. C. Ariyo, U. U. Emeghara, D. O. Adelani, D. O. Oloyede

Page: 37-43
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Impact of National Food Security Mission (NFSM) on Growth Rates and Decomposition Analysis of Pulses Production in India

R. Nagarethinam, M. Anjugam

Page: 44-50
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Diversification of Cropping Systems for Different Integrated Farming System Models under Irrigated Situation of Southern Telangana Zone, Telangana, India

Ch. Pragathi Kumari, M. Goverdhan, Knight Nthebere, G. Kiran Reddy, S. H. K. Sharma; A. Aziz Qureshi; Md. Alibaba, K. Chiranjeevi

Page: 51-60
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Empowerment of Women in Fisheries: Evidence from Ganjam District of Odisha

Priyanka Patra, S. S. Dana, S. B. Ramya Lakshmi

Page: 61-68
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Trends and Decomposition of Wheat Production in Western Maharashtra

P. P. Baviskar, U. T. Dangore, A. D. Dhunde, U. P. Gaware, A. G. Kadu

Page: 69-78
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