Trends in Adoption of Farm Technology: An Overview of Survey in Bhagalpur District of Bihar

Shivam Kumar, S. R. Singh, Chaitali Kumari, Aabha .

Page: 56-62
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The Big Data Thinking from the Perspective of Chinese Traditional Philosophy

Guo Shengda, Feldbacher Rainer, Feng Yuan

Page: 130-135
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Quality Evaluation of Mango Stored in Evaporative Coolers

A. A. Balogun, C. C. Ariahu, J. S. Alakali

Page: 1-10
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Analytical Solution of the Transport Equation for Exponentially Decreasing Initial Concentration in Shallow Water Table Condition in an Irrigated Field

Ram Pal, M. Imtiyaz, H. C. Sharma

Page: 33-45
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Mathematical Modelling for Power Requirement of Power Take-Off of Rotary Tiller

Vivek R. Kamat, Mukesh Jain, Hemant Poonia, Vijaya Rani, Manoj Kumar

Page: 46-55
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Utilization of Ripe Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata) for the Development of Fruit Bar

Anju K. Dhiman, Priyanka Thakur, Surekha Attri, Deepika Kathuria, Preethi Ramachandran

Page: 63-73
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Computation of Economic Feasibility of Brinjal and Palak Intercropping System

Sangeet Kumar, S. K. Dhankhar, Ajay Chauhan, Rajesh Kumar, Sunil Kumar

Page: 74-79
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Assessing the Potential of Elaeis guineensis Plantations for Carbon Sequestration and Fresh Fruit Bunch Yield in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

S. S. Rakesh, V. Davamani, K. Sara Parwin Banu, S. Maragatham, A. Lakshmanan, E. Parameswari, M. Velmurugan

Page: 80-90
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Comparative Studies among Different Genotypes of Soybean (Glycine max L.) against Salinity Stress

S. A. Siddiki, S. G. Wagh, R. S. Sul, K. R. Pawar, S. N. Harke

Page: 91-100
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Relationship between Profile of the Farmers and Their Attitude towards Sustainable Agricultural Practices

J. M. Deshmukh, S. P. Dhawale, S. V. Kanade

Page: 101-106
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Students Perception on Enrolment Factors in Their Retention in Higher Agricultural Education

Chandan Kumar Panda, Kevin Christopher, Anil Paswan, Deepak Patel, R. K. Sohane

Page: 107-113
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Characterization Methodology for Analysis in Neighboring Productive and Nonproductive Zones of Los Humeros Geothermal Field

Alfonso Aragon-Aguilar, Abel Hernandez-Ochoa, Alejandro Arriola-Medellin

Page: 114-129
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Research on the Interaction Coupling between Disruptive Innovation and Knowledge Spillover

Jingfei Lu, Jianmin Xie

Page: 136-146
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Effect of Drying Temperature on the Quality of Dry Surimi Powder from Pangasius

P. Sarkar, S. Chowdhury, S. Nath, P. Murmu, F. H. Rahman

Page: 147-155
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Data Mining in Cancer Diagnosis and Prediction: Review about Latest Ten Years

Zahraa Naser Shah Weli

Page: 11-32
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