Acute Oral Toxicity of a Herbal Gut Function Modulator

Sunil Hajare, Ranjit Suresh Ingole, Sunidhi ., Ravikanth Kotagiri, Bhaskar Ganguly

Page: 58-61
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Effect of Inoculation of Microbial Consortia on Soil Physicochemical and Nutrient Status

Y. Kavya, N. Trimurtulu, A. Vijaya Gopal, P. Madhu Vani, N. V. V. S. D. Prasad

Page: 1-8
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Farmers’ Climate Change Adaptation Intention in North Eastern Hill Region of India

Mayanglambam Victoria Devi, R. J. Singh, L. Devarani, L. Hemochandra, Ram Singh, Binodini Sethi

Page: 9-16
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In-vitro Flowering and in-vivo Sex Expression of Micropropagated Parthenocarpic Gynoecious Cucumber

Ajay Bhardwaj, T. Pradeepkumar, C. Varun Roch

Page: 17-24
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Adsorption Potentials of Alfisol on Glyphosate and Cadmium Contaminants

F. B. Okanlawon, O. O. Awotoye, P. O. Ogunbamowo

Page: 25-33
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Morphological Diversity for Yield and Its Component Traits in Mungbean [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek]

Thota Gopi Krishna, Anil Kumar, Fariha Adan

Page: 34-41
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Mitigation of Interference in Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

Adeoye I. Okunoye, Tobinson A. Briggs

Page: 42-57
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Spinoffs in Mechano - Chemical Approach of Weed Management Practices in Tossa Jute (Corchorus olitorious)

Ananya Chakraborty, Sritama Biswas, Rajarshi Banerjee, Srijani Maji, Pintoo Bandopadhyay

Page: 62-72
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Association between Entrepreneurial Behaviour and the Current Entrepreneurial Status of the Women Entrepreneurs of Self Help Groups in Andhra Pradesh

G. K. Siddeswari, P. V. Sathya Gopal, V. Sailaja, B. Ravindra Reddy

Page: 73-77
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Identification and Functional Characterization of Xanthomonas oryzae Pv. oryzae Isolates

Diksha Kumari, Bishun Deo Parasad, Sangita Sahni, Abhijeet Ghatak

Page: 78-84
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Students’ Motivation towards Science Learning (SMTSL) - An Intervention with Video and Quizzes

B. Spandana, R. Neela Rani, S. Suchiritha Devi

Page: 85-91
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Knowledge Gap of Agri-input Dealers in Farm Production

Subodh Kumar, Sonam Roy, Ravi Atal, C. K. Panda, R. K. Sohane

Page: 92-101
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Effect of Various Sources of Zinc and Iron on Dry Matter Yield, Nutrient Content and Nutrient Uptake of Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana l.)

E. Ajay Kumar, K. Surekha, K. Bhanu Rekha, S. Harish Kumar Sharma

Page: 102-112
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Proximate Composition and Bioactive Compounds in Diverse Eggplant Genotypes

Vishwanath Bidaramali, Shirin Akhtar, Anupam Das

Page: 113-121
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Low Productivity of Fruits, Its Implications and Combating Strategies in Cold Arid Eco-region of Ladakh (J&K)

Munib Ur Rehman, Barkat Hussain, Mohd Maqbool Mir, Tashi Angmo, Ejaz Parray, Mohd Zubair

Page: 122-128
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