Characteristics of Non-spinning Black Holes

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Dipo Mahto
Brajesh Kumar Jha
Murlidhar Prasad Singh
Promod Jha


Aims: To derive an expression for the wavelength/frequency of Hawking radiation emitted by non-spinning black holes in terms of the radius of event horizon (λ=8πRs & vc/8πRs) using quantum theory of radiation (Ehv) energy of Hawking radiation and the radius of event horizon of non-spinning black holes (Rs =2GM/c2), which may be regarded as the characteristics of non-spinning black holes.
Study Design: Data for the frequencies and wavelengths of Hawking radiation emitted from black holes have been calculated with the help of rest masses for stellar – mass black holes (M ~ 5 ­ 20 Mʘ) in X-ray binaries and for the super massive black holes (M ~ 106 – 109.5 Mʘ) in active galactic nuclei using λ=8πRs & v= c/8πRs which corresponds to the research work entitled: Frequency of Hawking radiation from black holes by Mahto et al. in International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science (Dec. 2013).
Place and Duration of Study: Department of Physics, Marwari College under University Department of Physics, T.M.B.U. Bhagalpur between January 2014 and June 2014.
Methodology: It is completely theoretical based work using Laptop done at Marwari College Bhagalpur and the residential research chamber of the first author.
Results: The astrophysical objects emitting the radiations of frequencies (8.092x102Hz to 2.023x102Hz) or wavelengths (3.707x105m to 14.828x105m) in X-ray binaries and frequencies (4.046×10-3Hz to 0.809×10-6Hz) or wavelengths (7.414×1010m to 37.070×1013m) in active galactic nuclei may be classified as non-spinning black holes.
Conclusion: The frequencies or wavelengths of Hawking radiation emitted from non-spinning black holes may be regarded as the characteristics of black holes in addition to the mass, spin and charge.

Radius of event horizon, XRBs and AGN

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Mahto, D., Jha, B., Singh, M., & Jha, P. (2014). Characteristics of Non-spinning Black Holes. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 4(29), 4136-4147.
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