Decomposition Analysis of Mango Production by Adopting Good Agricultural Practices in Tamil Nadu

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B. Kavitha
M. Uma Gowri


Adoption of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) aids in endorsing optimum utilization of resources with eco-friendly agriculture to ensure safety supply of food. This study was carried out to apply decomposition analysis for segmenting productivity changes due to adoption of good agricultural practices in mango cultivation. The output decomposition model was used for investigating the contribution of various constituent sources to the productivity difference between the GAP farming and the conventional methods of mango cultivation. The difference in technology contribution for total productivity variation alone was higher with 75.59 per cent and 93.17 per cent which could reveal that the farmers have obtained 75.59 per cent and 93.17 per cent more output per hectare by adopting good agricultural practices when compared to conventional borrowers and conventional non borrowers respectively. The contribution of differences in input use level to the productivity difference was meager at 11.40 per cent and 0.69 per cent for conventional borrowers and conventional non borrowers respectively. The mango farmers practicing good agricultural practices obtained higher output by spending slightly more on the inputs compared to those practicing conventional method. Therefore, concentrated efforts needs to be made to encourage the farmers to adopt Good Agricultural Practices to get real eco-friendly benefits.

Decomposition, input use, productivity, technology, credit

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Kavitha, B., & Gowri, M. U. (2020). Decomposition Analysis of Mango Production by Adopting Good Agricultural Practices in Tamil Nadu. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 39(23), 64-74.
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