Development of Static Flat-bed Batch Dryer for Small Scale Grain Drying

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Lubna Sadaf Anchal
Abhinav Dubey
Prasanna Kumar


A Static Flat Bed Batch Dryer was developed at Department of Agricultural Engineering GKVK, Bangalore with a capacity of 20 kg and mainly to be used for drying paddy from harvesting moisture content (20 – 22%) to 12% for safe storage. The dryer mainly consists of Blower, Heating chamber, Plenum chamber and drying chamber. Drying characteristics such as drying rate, drying time and temperature of inlet air were studied for paddy grain and results were analysed. The decrease in moisture content, static pressure developed in the dryer and relative humidity in the dryer was studied at two different air flow rates of 1 m3/min and 1.26 m3/min. It was observed that the moisture reduction up to the desired 12% was completed in 90 minutes of operation of the dryer. The relative humidity of drying air inside the dryer as well as the static pressure was found to decrease with time. The developed technology is low cost and can be easy constructed at farm level.

Batch dryer, grain drying, flat bed, static pressure, paddy.

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Sadaf Anchal, L., Dubey, A., & Kumar, P. (2020). Development of Static Flat-bed Batch Dryer for Small Scale Grain Drying. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 38(6), 1-7.
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