Chaos Based Image Encryption Scheme Using One Dimensional Exponential Logistic Map

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Terlumun Gbaden
Blama Nachaba


The widespread use of images in various sectors of life makes its protection increasingly necessary and important. An improvement over encryption and decryption algorithm using exponential logistic chaotic map was proposed. In this work, we adopt an encryption/decryption strategy for colour images using the exponential logistic chaotic map. The proposed encryption/decryption algorithms are implemented in MATLAB for computer simulation. The experimental results indicate that the proposed algorithms can be used successfully to encrypt/decrypt images with secret keys. The performance analysis using histogram uniformity analysis and correlation coefficient show that the algorithms give larger space, quick speed and easy to realize. The encrypted images have good encryption effect and low correlation coefficient rendering it a good candidate for confidential and secure means of transmitting image information in untrusted networks.

Encryption, decryption, chaos, cryptography and images.

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Gbaden, T., & Nachaba, B. (2020). Chaos Based Image Encryption Scheme Using One Dimensional Exponential Logistic Map. Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 38(6), 1-14.
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